A fund allocated to European and International feature length documentaries dedicated to human rights

Understanding the way our world goes, offering insightful, original and compelling views,


Helping documentary producers and authors at key moment of development and production of their films,


What kind of Films

Docs Up is looking for?

  • An open approach that favours artistic expression, insight and originality
  • A quest for authentic “points of view”
  • A support mechanism staunchly oriented towards international creativity

The purpose of DOCS UP FUND is to defend and support the creation of politically engaged documentaries that deal with issues  related to human rights. Films can be about economic, geopolitical, cultural, ethical and/or societal issues.

We have a truly  international scope, looking for documentaries that take place in Asia, Africa, Latin America, The Middle East and Eastern Europe,  as well as in Western Europe and North America.

The purpose of the fund is to raise public awareness about what is happening in the world with regards to human rights issues:  wars and conflict zones, economic crises, migration flows, political and climate changes, social phenomena, poverty, health,  democracy, social justice, environment, personal and collective stories, etc…

Docs Up Fund:
A versatile mechanism that intervenes at 3 pivotal phases

I. The idea phase: scouting and prospection

  • Discovering projects, outlines, filmmakers at documentary meetings, festivals and screenings and accompanying them in their first stages of development
  • Awarding Best Pitch prizes, during Festivals and meetings
  • Organising a call for projects for emerging filmmakers

II. The production phase: contributes at two key stages to strengthen projects

  • Help in the the making of a teaser and initial shooting 
  • The making of a rough cut, the first stage in the editing of a film

III. The communication phase: facilitating access to production and international distribution networks:
Docs Up aspires to be a quality label, recognised by professionals and peers

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