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Blue Island

A film by Chan Tze Woon

Blue island
Peter YamCatherine chan

Having lived half their lives here, three men get to relive each a pivotal moment in Hong Kong history.

Each a player in a revolution of their times, the values they shared with the larger movements paved the way to the present-day Hong Kong.

How will they continue to shape the future?

Through the lives and fate of three individuals, this film reflects on Hong Kong and China’s love-hate relationship, embrace and escape, commitment and betrayal.


A film by Shahrokh Bikaran

& Ilyas Yourish


Ilyas Yourish & Shahrokh Bikaran

After a young girl from the mountains of central Afghanistan mysteriously commits suicide inside Kabul University, her family’s calm rural life enters into a painful event and exhausting process.

Parents are now looking for justice in one of the most corrupt judicial systems in the world; while Freshta -their younger daughter- attempts to gain admission to the same university, to complete what her sister had started.


A film by Olga Prud’homme Farges

Producer: Melisande films,

Sophie Faudel

September 2017, the world discovers the massacres of the Rohingya minority.

The region the Rohingyas were chased out of is a coveted area. It is the main centre though which Myanmar’s drug production passes, and it also contains many other sources of natural wealth. 

Two years ago, I came to collect the stories of the Rohingya refugee children at Kutupalong camp in Bangladesh.

Their words ring out like so many screams.

A crime against humanity committed in plain sight, but one that no one wants to see; for how long?

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